Our clients

The total turnover of the Firm’s clients is 80 billion euros and the Firm pride’s itself in helping with the same genuine concern whether it is a one outlet entrepreneur or a multi-billion euros franchise system. In many instances, our working relations with clients date back many years, hence a token of trust has been built over time.

We are here to help them succeed, first and foremost.

The profile of our clients is diverse:

  • Companies on the stock exchanges of France, USA and Japan, with billions of euros in sales worldwide.
  • Companies which hold a leadership position in their market, with sales from 500 million to 1 billion euro.
  • Leading franchise companies of 100 to 200 outlets, the turnover of which are in the range of 20 to 50 millions euros.
  • Start up franchise systems composed of a handful of outlets if not one.
  • Entrepreneurs and high-net-worth businessmen.

In terms of expertise, we assist companies in all types of industries such as F&B, garments and clothing brands, gardening, luxury, beauty and cosmetics, product oriented systems, B to B franchise systems, tires and auto industry.