Our difference

We’re one of the few truly independent, niche franchise law practices in the world packed into a small, dynamic firm.

One practice group. We are a small firm by size but since we only have one practice group, in reality we are one of the biggest players around the block, even in comparison to the full service law firms. Full service law firms may impress by the numbers but in reality its franchise team will only be made up of a partner and one or two associates. Because franchising is not usually the most intensely billable area for such law firms, franchising will not be considered as central to the firm’s strategy.

What happens next?

If a court case comes about, the mega firm will put one or two “fighters” on the field whereas we would be able to put up more experts, outnumbering the opponent’s.

Our team is well equipped to handle difficult legal issues thanks to decades of collective experience and we have probably seen it all before, so we just have to ask our neighbour next door in the office what he thinks of the situation. Whereas the magic circle partner in larger law firms will in reality have no one to talk to, except his very bright ivy league junior lawyer who will tell him what he finds in the manual or the neighbouring tax partner who will ask him what type of tax franchise he is talking about !

We are ALL franchising, this is all we do all day.

One industry to care for. Franchising is more than a particular area of the law. For millions of individuals, it is their profession: franchise system founder, franchise national and regional developer, international developer, franchise director, franchisees, investors, outlet manager, rank and file employee. Professionals with different expertise take part in the development of franchise networks such as architects, IT companies, marketing agencies, commercial real estate companies, suppliers, consultants, investment funds.

Globally, there are dozens of franchise associations. Every weekend, there is a franchise fair taking place somewhere. Dozens of magazines are specialised in franchising. Government agencies and banks have developed departments dedicated to the industry. There are hundreds of sectors which have adopted the franchise model : Accounting & Financial, Advertising & Marketing, ATM, Automotive, Business Opportunities, Business Services, Children’s Franchises, Cleaning Franchises, Coffee Franchises, Computer & Internet Franchises, Consultant & Business Broker Franchises, Courier Franchises, DVD & Video Franchises, Employment & Staffing Franchises, Entertainment Franchises, Fitness Franchises, Food Franchises, Health & Beauty Franchises, Healthcare & Senior Care Franchises, Home Services Franchises, Home-based Franchises, Industrial Franchises, Mailing & Shipping Franchises, Moving & Storage Franchises, Pet Franchises, Photography Franchises, Printer, Copying & Sign Franchises, Real Estate Franchises, Restaurant Franchises, Retail Franchises, Security Franchises, Sports Franchises, Tax Franchises, Training Franchises, Travel Franchises, Vending Franchise Opportunities.

Flexible billing. Our goal is that you are as comfortable with the fairness of our bills as you are with the quality of the legal services that we provide. We are willing to quote fixed project fees when we have an adequate basis of experience with similar projects and sufficient information about the specific work needed by the client. Of course, it is difficult to quote project fees for certain types of projects, such as contract negotiations and litigation, because the time and effort required depend so much on the other party and its counsel. When project fees are not feasible or not preferred by the client, we generally bill at an hourly rate (though we are open to discuss other arrangements). We can also provide an estimate should the need arises.