Our vision

We care for the entrepreneurs who walk through our office door and consider that they be nurtured like champions

At the beginning of any franchise, there is an entrepreneur.

It is a long walk from deciding to franchise one’s idea and dominate one’s market.

We understand the dynamics of these men and women, the risks involved, the ups and downs, their personal and professional challenges.

The entrepreneur must master management, legal, marketing, finance, organisation, strategy, people skills and stay focused despite the many hurdles on his path.

We have met and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs.

We pride ourselves in caring for them, during the good and the bad times.

We believe that information is key and must be shared

We believe that knowledge and sharing of information is key.

We know where the relevant information is.

For the last 15 years, our international franchising team deals with thousands of details on a daily basis : set up branches in Ho Chi Minh, ensure transport of goods on the German-Russian border, set-up holding companies in Hong Kong, organize multi-country master franchise agreements in the Middle East, reroute supply chain to optimize import tax in Brazil, analyse dozens of legal systems around the world, apply Singaporean law in Franco-Malaysian franchise agreement, successfully pursued a manufacturer to return a trademark stolen from the franchisor in Mexico.

We have decided to organize the information and make it available to our community in a comprehensive way.

To this end, we have created the FRANCHISE THINK-TANK which regroups data centres and resources through several channels. Dozens of experts, university professors, business angels, lawyers, franchise professionals, consultants, franchise CEO’s are active participants.

We are convinced that a creative spirit and innovative tools can further contribute to the development of the industry

Gilles has been strongly influenced by the research of Clayton M. Christensen, a Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and Doblin group’s iconic innovation framework known as the Ten Types of innovation: the Discipline of Building Breakthroughs.

Consequently, Gilles and the team are constantly focused on developing innovative tools which contribute to enhance the performance of franchise systems at an early stage and in the course of daily operations.